AmeriCraft III Tile – Performance Test

Specification Test Standard Result

Abrasion Resistance ASTM C1243 Maximum value of 275 mm3 Test at < 275 mm3

Apsorbtion 5- hour boil ASTM C373 Maximum 5% Tests at 3% maximum and qualifies as vitreous.

Breaking Strength ASTM C648 Average > 250 lbf. Tests at 400 lbf. or better.

Thickness ASTM C499 Max. range of .050″ Meets the standard.

Nominal Size ASTM C499 The facial dimension of each tile in the sample shall not vary more than +2.00% from the nominal dimension. Meets the standard.

Freeze/ Thaw ASTM C1026 Observations after 300 Cycles.
No visible damage.
Meets the standard.

Shear Bond Strength ASTM C482 50 P.S.I. or better Exceeds the standard.

DCOF Acu Test ASTM 137.1 – 2012 BOT 3000 No industry standard
Threshold of 0.42
At time of manufacture, Abrasive Quarry Tile tests at >0.80.  All other Quarry Tile products test above 0.60.

Warpage ASTM C485 Min. -1.5% Max. 1.5% along any edge.
Min. -1.0% Max. 1.0% on either diagonal.
Meets the standard.

Wedging ASTM C502 Min. -1.0% Max. 1.0% Meets the standard.

Chemical Resistance ASTM C650 As Reported Class A Classification

Stain Resistance ASTM C1378 As Reported Meets the standard.

Scratch Hardness MOHS No Industry Standard 7