AmeriCraft III Tile

For exterior and interior floor and wall applications americraftcalloutsFeatures and Benefits

  • Unglazed neutral and blendable “thru-body” colors
  • Extruded quarry tile with ribbed back for superior mechanical bonding
  • Meets or exceeds all ANSI standards
  • Resistant to fading, scratching and the effects of freezing

AmeriCraft III Tile is an unglazed extruded quarry tile. Constant research for improvements in quality and design led Florida Brick and Clay to build a fully automated split tile manufacturing factory. The rounded edge is distinguished from the traditional ground edge quarry tile, and offers an aesthetically softer look to the installed floor.


QUARRY TILE CLEAR TONES Unglazed ceramic tile in natural, through-the-body colors for demanding applications indoors and out.

Features nine raised treads across the surface of each tile for added slip resistance. METRO TREAD® has a dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) of ≥0.60 wet at time of manufacture.
quarry_tread_tile flashed_quarry FLASHED QUARRY TILE
Unglazed ceramic tile with kiln-fired flash for a variation in depth of color and tone. Combines strong earth tones, mellow ranges and deep hues.
Features a silicon carbide embedded surface for added slip resistance. (DCOF) of ≥0.80 wet at time of manufacture.



Blending and reprocessing of fired and unfired waste product creates a preconsumer recycled content of over 50%. Kiln flashed for random color variation and added appeal.

31A_AbrasiveRecycled-Quarry-Tile Textured_Quarry_Tile TEXTURED QUARRY TILE
Rich natural color variation, detailed textures, and classic shapes will add warmth to any environment indoors and out. Available in four colors and three sizes each with its own unique texture. Use a contrasting grout color to enhance the appearance of the textured surface. Use a similar grout color to minimize the texture’s appearance. Perfect for foyers – lobbies- bathrooms – walkways – patios – balconies – courtyards – drivers.