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antique pavers

Pavers shown may vary from true colors, which cannot be precisely matched on computer monitors.           

Antique Pavers

The perfect blend of new technology with age-old charm. These pavers are wire-cut with a rustic, antique quality for creating or complementing Colonial, Early American, Country, or Rustic decor. They are designed to coordinate with the multi-colored brick used in residential, commercial, institutional, and restoration construction. Accented with a color-on-color coating of black and creme on a red flashed base, the effect is perfect for use in areas where a weathered appearance is desired. These pavers create an aged look. When the product is fired at elevated temperatures in a modern brick kiln, the surface coating becomes as hard and durable as the pavers themselves. Since the Antique Pavers simulate antique bricks, small defects which add to the character of the pavers, such as chipped corners, small cracks, color and sizing deviations are considered characteristic of the intended product line. For the best results, pavers should be blended from several boxes to achieve uniform variation of the black, creme, and red flashed pavers.



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