FBC News

FBC Introduces Azorin Pavers

A new line of 1.5” thick clay pavers that can be installed using a traditional sand or crushed gravel method was introduced. Available in five beautiful color blends with a square edge or tumbled format giving an aged, rustic appearance. They are also available in a 1” thickness that can be installed over existing concrete slabs. The five colors are Cottage Blend, Cordoba, Barcelona Blend, Sahara Blend and Key West Blend.
Azorin Pavers are made from high quality shales and clays and fired in kilns to 2000°F resulting in strong, durable pavers that will not fade like concrete pavers. Azorin Pavers meet or exceed ASTM C902-10 Specifications for Pedestrian and Light Traffic Paving Brick.
Azorin Pavers are perfect for use in walkways, patios, pool decks, entry areas and residential driveways.

FBC Introduces Retro Coping and One New Color

Continuing its tradition of quality and innovation, FBC introduced several new products to its Pool Coping line. The first is Retro Pool Coping which can be used in remodeling existing pool installations. Since the Retro Pool Coping is 5/8” thick, it allows for the installation of Sunshine Pavers or AmeriCraft III Tile over the existing pool deck and further enhance the beauty of any remodeling project. It is available in the same colors as the Classic Pool Coping.
One additional color was introduced into the Classic Pool Coping line. PC 280 Mahogany is a reddish brown color which extends the spectrum of the earthtones in the line.

FBC Announces the Addition of Enhancement Tiles

Florida Brick & Clay Co. Inc. announces the addition of enhancement tiles to its Sunshine Pavers line. Medallions, Borders, Mini-Medallions and Decorative Inserts are now available to complement Sunshine Pavers.
Bill Dodson, FBC’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, states, “Designers and specifiers will have an array of color combinations and styles to accentuate Sunshine Pavers installations”.
Decorative Borders by FBC are available in four different pattern and color combinations. Each border is hand crafted from actual pieces of brick pavers. The names Staccato, Diamonds, Harlequin and Rubble are indicative of the pattern designs. The borders offer a wide variation of style to accommodate almost every decor.
The borders measure from 4″ x 12″ to 5.5″ x 15″ depending on the pattern. Matching corners are available in all border designs. The border and corners are mesh mounted to ease the installation process.
Medallions by FBC blend the old traditions of art with architectural design to create visual excitement to any installation. The 36″ square Medallion has been designed to add an artistic focal point to entryways, patios, porches, driveways, pool decks, and plazas.
Mini Medallions and Decorative Inserts are created in the same four designs as the Borders and are designed to accentuate an installation on a smaller scale. The Decorative Inserts dot the center of the Mini-Medallions but can also be used independently as small accents throughout an installation of tiles or pavers.