Sunshine Pavers – Warranty


Florida Brick & Clay guarantees that its Sunshine Paver products will meet or exceed performance specifications listed under Test Results ASTM C-902, and AmeriCraft II quarry tile will meet or exceed specifications listed under ANSI 137.1. Defective units will be replaced F.O.B. plant, provided notice is given and acknowledged prior to installation. Specific installation details, structural design, and environmental conditions are beyond the control of the Company, therefore, we cannot accept responsibility for the performance of our products after they are installed. In the event of latent defects, however, which are caused by improper manufacturing, the Company will replace any defective units F.O.B. plant, provided the Company is notified within one year of installation or within 18 months of shipment of the products, whichever occurs first.


Variations of shade or color is one of the natural artistic qualities inherent in all fired clay products. All samples are submitted only as a representaive of the product. Therefore, we cannot guarantee warehouse or factory stocks to match samples exactly.